was founded in 1998. It is specialized both in the trading and
application of:

Flooring systems and wall covering systems
(epoxy, methacrylate,
polyurethane, hybrid)used in industrial, domestic, commercial buildings,
display rooms,

-Covering bridge systems
-Floor systems
-based on active filling material
-Playgrounds floorings
-Sport floorings (inside, outside)
-Decorative floorings
-Waterproofing materials
-Strengthening and repairing materials

Trading premixed dry mortars provide integrated solutions to all demands of the
construction sector:

-Building mortars
-Premixed plasters
-External thermal insulation
-composite systems for the facade of buildings tile
adhesive and grout
-Concrete and mortar additives
-Sealant(acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, hybrid)

Our technical advisors are at your disposal. They will help you select the system
or material you need, which preferably by check in your facility. We offer
professional advice and assistance projects.

Our projects have been used
successfully between others, with application in
the following projects:

-Industrial flooring-Vasilikos Electric Power station, Helicopter air base, army air base, Government building Metrology.
-Decorative flooring(building of Government General Controller)
-Playgrounds(Grammar English School)
-Sealant international airports (Larnaca and Paphos–run ways)

AYD POLYMAT has many well reputed client.
Some of its clients mentioned as bellow:

-Ministry of Defence
-Ministry of Economic
-Ministry of Communications and Works
-Royal Force at Acrotiri
-Cyprus University